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Enterprise-ready software meets industrial-grade hardware to create the world’s most turnkey appliances for disaster recovery (DR) and application availability.




Many organizations recognize the benefits of data protection appliances that provide a turnkey, all-in-one solution. They’re ideal systems for branch and decentralized offices, or as the primary backup for organizations with limited resources. The reality, however, is that most are retrofitted “bundles” that often limit scalability and usability.

Arcserve Appliances make legacy models a relic of the past. Powered by award-winning Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) software, they combine flash-accelerated deduplicated storage, robust server processing, and high-speed networking with highly-redundant hardware and cloud services for a true plug-and-play solution.

Spin up copies of physical and virtual systems directly on-appliance, or in private and public clouds. Expand without limitation. Centrally manage from one UI. Unbox and deploy in 15 minutes flat.



Arcserve Appliances eliminate standalone, discrete products for DR and application availability. Fully-integrated onsite and offsite DR, backup and optional high availability enables you to remove the “do it yourself” complexity of orchestrating a cohesive data protection strategy:



-Leverage proven Arcserve UDP software with instant VM and bare metal restore (BMR), local and remote virtual standby, application-consistent backup and granular restore, hardware snapshot support, and extensions delivering high availability and tape support

Resolve data growth challenges with effective capacity of up to 504TBs per appliance and the ability to manage up to 6PBs through a single interface

-Scale without limitation with easy in-field storage expansion by adding drives instead of additional appliances

-Slash your storage footprint and save on costs with a 20:1 deduplication ratio

-Enable quick on-appliance DR with up to 20 CPU cores and 768GB RAM

-Send your data anywhere with WAN-optimized replication to private and public clouds, including the Arcserve Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, and Rackspace

-Increase reliability with onsite hardware support in as little as four hours, and high redundancy hardware with dual CPUs, SSDs, power supplies, HDDs and RAM

How it works:


Arcserve Appliances streamline your environment with a wide variety of deployment scenarios, including: single-site, primary site, cross-site, central appliance site, and a hybrid combination of on-premises local, remote, and cloud systems. Each appliance is a self-contained, “set and forget” DR and backup solution architected with cloud-native capabilities, global source-based deduplication, multi-site replication, tape integration and automated data restore capabilities.

All appliances are fully-integrated with Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid, Arcserve UDP software, Arcserve Backup and Arcserve Replication and High Availability. The software is pre-installed on state-of-the-art hardware and delivered with a quick install kit and configuration wizard that makes them incredibly easy to deploy.

Protect Windows/Linux servers, virtual machines on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, data in Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Office 365, Oracle and other applications, as well as workloads in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


About Arcserve


Arcserve provides exceptional solutions to protect the priceless digital assets of organizations in need of full scale, comprehensive data protection. Established in 1983, Arcserve is the world’s most experienced provider of business continuity solutions that safeguard multi-generational IT infrastructures with applications and systems in any location, on premises and in the cloud. Organizations in over 150 countries around the world rely on Arcserve’s highly efficient, integrated technologies and expertise to eliminate the risk of data loss and extended downtime while the reducing the cost and complexity of backing up and restoring data by up to 50 percent.



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